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Timeline Battle Castles

Timeline Battle Castles - 500 years of medieval castles and siege warfare features the top castles and sieges from across Europe and the Middle East. The heart of this innovative app is an amazing interactive timeline that revolutionises the way that history can be viewed and understood.

Over 100 films including clips from demonstrations by weapons experts to never before seen footage of castle experts on location at some of the top castles around the world. Over 1000 images and written entries give the viewer an insight into the events of medieval history in a way never before possible.

The app allows you to understand and experience for yourself the most important events that took place in and around castles across Medieval Europe and the Middle East. Whatever your level of knowledge - from young castles enthusiast to medieval history expert, there's plenty to fascinate and entertain.

iPad App Features

  • The zoomable interactive timeline allows you to explore events across 500 years of medieval history in a revolutionary new way.

  • Search and filter the content in the app to explore the themes that most interest you, including: "Crusader Castles"; "How to shoot a trebuchet"; "Siege warfare".

  • The interactive map allows you to search and locate information on castles and sieges across Europe and the Middle East. More information on all the map items can be found by tapping direct through to the timeline entries for all castles, sieges and battles featured on the map.

  • Use the 'link to map' feature to see the location of each castle featured on the timeline, or where a battle or siege took place.

  • Over 100 films including clips from the TV series Battle Castle and incredible footage of a replica castle being built.

  • Films also include demonstrations on how to shoot medieval weapons – from the mighty trebuchet to the deadly crossbow and castle experts giving in-depth analysis on the key castles and sieges featured.

  • The Battle Castles App is your personal medieval history documentary: watch the films that interest you in the order of your choosing, either on your iPad, or direct on your television with AirPlay.

  • UK USA Canada Australia